Size:100 Softgels

1 of the 100 count bottles for a total of 100 softgels

Total of 100 servings

Essential Fatty Acids are necessary for optimal health. As our bodies cannot produce EFAs it is necessary to get them from food or supplementation making our gentle and easy to swallow softgels the perfect option

APOLLO SUN's Omega 3 softgels adhere to the GOED Monograph specifications and qualify as a pure omega-3 EPA/DHA product

Our softgels are enteric coated allowing the softgel to travel to an alkaline destination in your body for release helping to maximize the effectiveness and prevent a fishy aftertaste


About the product
  • APOLLO SUN Omega 3 1000 MG is the perfect fish oil supplement for adults looking to support healthy heart, cardiovascular and cognitive functions
  • APOLLO SUN Omega 3 1000 MG supplies 180 EPA and 120 DHA per softgel; Together, DHA and EPA help reduce inflammation
  • APOLLO SUN Omega 3 1000 MG is processed utilizing high-vacuum, molecular distillation; This technique minimizes the presence of impurities and ensures the highest quality EPA/DHA omega-3 fish oil
  • APOLLO SUN Omega 3 1000 MG is Made with Non-GMO ingredients, Certified Kosher, Halal and produced in a GMP Facility; Does not contain gluten, corn, dairy or egg: