APOLLO SUN Mind Lift for Enhanced Cognitive Function

Size:60 Vegan Capsules

1 of the 60 count bottles for a total of 60 count

1 capsule per day daily dosage

Total of 60 servings

2 month supply

Cognitive Abilities cover many important roles in your thought process including intelligence, focus, creativity, humor and other emotions; Biologically speaking, cognition is performed by the brain and to a lesser extent, the nervous system:

The brain rests briefly during sleep and even then continues to work on regulating vital functions, recharging your major organs, building new cells and coordinating the repair of damaged tissue

Two ways to support cognitive function are through a healthy diet consisting of raw fruit, raw veggies, lean meat and healthy fats and maintaining an active life style that studies continue to show improve mental health and over-all well being

For those looking to show their mind some extra TLC and to help improve mental clarity, stamina and performance, APOLLO SUN's Mind Lift is the perfect option for you

Our synergystic blend of mind empowering components include Ginkgo Biloba extracts, with high levels of phytochemicals and free radical-scavenging properties, RoseOx which is an effective combination of natural plant extracts, phosphatidyl, serine, L-glutamine and choline that feed and nourish your brain to help enhance your daily performance and give you the extra brain boost you can rely on to be your best

To ensure you receive the safety, quality and effectiveness you deserve from a supplement, each ingredient used in APOLLO SUN Supplements are precisely analyzed and tested by a team of experts, in state of the art facilities to verify and guarantee the identity, purity and potency of our products

Best by date August 2020

About the product
  • APOLLO SUN Mind Lift offers a scientifically formulated blend of natural plant extracts and brain nutrients working together to help enhance mental acuity, metabolism to support your overall brain function
  • APOLLO SUN Mind Lift is a synergistic blend of natural plant extracts including Ginkgo Biloba that researchers believe helps improve cognitive function by promoting good blood circulation in the brain and by shielding against neuronal damage; RoseOx is known for its ability to promote a healthy response to free radicals and improve overall cerebral health:
  • APOLLO SUN Mind Lift is a neuronal nutritious blend of powerful brain nutrients including L-Glutamine as an essential amino acid and a main precursor for the production of the neurotransmitters glutamate and GABA in your brain; Choline helps brain cells in the production of acetylcholine, another key neurotransmitter for mental focus and learning:
  • APOLLO SUN Mind Lift is made in elitely advanced facilities by the industry's oldest and most trusted experts; We are commited to delivering the safety, quality and results expected from your dietary supplements:
  • APOLLO SUN Mind Lift is Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-GMO and produced in a GMP facility; Does not contain nuts, eggs, dairy or gluten: