Quality, Safety and Potency

At APOLLO SUN, we are committed to providing you with Safe, Pure Potent and Effective Nutrients in a Bottle. 
All of our products are manufactured in GMP Facilities.
Our promise to you is what is on the label is inside the bottle. 
We believe in transparency and make Certificates of Analysis available for all of our products.  We want to earn your trust and provide the necessary information to make informed purchasing decisions.



The raw materials used in all of our formulations meet GMP standards.

  • There is no mold, bacteria or other biological contaminants.
  • There are no harmful levels of heavy metals.
  • Truth and Integrity of each ingredient is double checked and verified.

Manufacturing Facilities:

  • Cleanliness according to FDA and CDC guidelines.
  • Free of contaminants
  • Free of unwanted Microbes

 Finished Product:

  • Tested and verified each product meets or exceeds product specifications

We are our own customers which helps us create and maintain a product selection that is safe, fun, effective.  APOLLO SUN fits into any healthy life style.