Sourced from Natural Ingredients

The Nature of Natural.

If you’ve gone shopping with a plan to purchase natural products for your family, you know how confusing it can get.  

There is no legal definition of what natural (pertaining to consumer goods) really means and product labeling isn’t always enough for us to come to a solid conclusion.  

Any manufacturer can claim their products are natural, even if it is questionable by your standards. 

For example, products with genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) or extremely processed high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can be labeled as natural.  

Each individual company’s standards of "Natural" will apply until a formal federal definition is determined.

Without a legal definition of “natural” for us to go by, purchasing products that are natural by our own definition gets tricky.  


What’s a Concerned Consumer to Do?


  1. Read product labels carefully and assess any health claims.  Call the manufacturer directly and ask questions to learn more about each specific product:
  2. Request the certificate of analysis from the manufacturer and compare the results against your own expectations. 
  3. Gain a better understanding of  what "Natural" actually means to the company producing your product.

We are Dedicated to Our Definition of Natural.

At APOLLO SUN, natural products are made with natural ingredients, that come  from nature.

We believe products made from nature's ingredients are safer and more effective than those made synthetically in a lab.    

Natural ingredients often vary in color, texture and quality measures.  They can be hard to source because of seasonality and environmental concerns. They also require extra care as they may spoil much quicker than refined alternatives.  

We only work with manufacturers who are GMP assured and just as obsessed with producing Natural, Pure and Effective Products as we are.  

A Peek into our Process.

When assessing ingredients for compliance with our definition of natural we follow this criteria:

Ingredient Suppliers:  It starts with the quality of each ingredient used to create a product.  Our suppliers and manufacturers have long and trusted relations. They follow specific quality requirements and strict purchasing terms for each ingredient and finished product.

Quality Control: In state-of-the-art laboratories, using some of the most advanced analytical instrumentation currently available, a vast array of restricted components such as synthetic hormones, steroids, solvents and synthetic forms of  ingredients that are easily and quickly detected and rejected.

Natural Identical: Where it makes sense, we use nature-identical ingredients that exactly match the natural ingredient’s chemistry.  If the body cannot recognize or easily convert the ingredient to natural form, we immediately reject the option.

For us, natural isn’t a word we use as a marketing tool, it is a commitment to create affordable and effective products using ingredients from Nature.  

So the next time you shop for natural products, you can feel extra confident in knowing that the products labeled APOLLO SUN have been made by a company dedicated to supplying families across the globe with naturally good and effective health products.