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The Golden Circle - What Do We Stand For?

The Golden Circle - What Do We Stand For?

Hello! The Golden Circle has been such a meaningful challenge for me personally. It has brought out so many memories, new ideas, and deep emotions about my purpose and I wanted to share it with you all.
The Golden Circle is an innovative concept presented by Simon Sinek in his TED Talk "Start with Why". It's super inspiring and challenges the status quo at its core for identifying your purpose for what you want to do in business, and in life.


Years of working in the garment district in NYC was incredible! I gained so much experience and worked alongside the most brilliant of minds and kindest of hearts. I am genuinely thankful for it all, the whole unique experience. I arrived at a point where I found it extremely difficult to balance being a mom, a valuable employee, and a happy person. Besides my love of fashion, I had a passion for deep-health—the body, mind, spirit, and connection of it all. I have always had a genuine love for mankind (humankind), and it was time to pursue it. Even though people can be difficult and unkind (especially during these challenging times), I still haven't given up on us because I believe in the power of oneness. Being healthy is a common and unifying goal. If we can help our people, our customers feel good, they may, in turn, be better to each other. These acts of kindness start with ourselves, and while they may seem small to us, they imprint our loving footprints on the world.

We have been selling online since 2015. I was finally able to quit my job in the city and stay home with my family, but I was still doing it all for someone else. We were selling many big brands, making them bigger, by advertising and selling their products retail for minuscule profits. I was continually begging them for permission to sell their products online, working tirelessly and doing everything to represent THEIR brand and company. Many times, I was still being rejected and even shut down, several times along the way. That's when I decided to contact several manufacturers that aligned with our standards in quality, expertise, and pricing.

It was time to create a positive customer experience by offering products we had full knowledge of. We decided to live our life on our terms. We created APOLLO SUN Natural Supplements, all of which are expertly formulated by qualified professionals. We rely on smaller suppliers and local farmers for each raw ingredient that goes into a finished product. Our products are manufactured in GMP facilities and are UL certified. All of our partners are continuously screened, verified, and champion higher wages. APOLLO SUN's reach worldwide helps us do OUR part in bringing people together through health, a common goal for us all.



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